Doping: Vaughters + Landis discuss drugs at Yale panel

Great discussion yesterday at Yale about doping in cycling. The always-interesting Jonathan Vaughters made an intriguing comment about how he had a long, candid conversation about doping with David Walsh when he was working on his book about Lance Armstrong. Vaughters said that the discussion was off the record, and Walsh honored the agreement and didn’t mention it in his book.

I remember all the hubbub about Walsh’s book and reportage. The question was: Was he a hack, a big kook? Or was Lance really guilty? As a former journalist, I knew that quite often the best material a reporter collects is often off the record and extremely hard to verify with other sources. So I was thinking that Walsh must have tons of great material that he’s not able to show us.

In the Q&A session, Vaughters says, “It’s a tragedy that we will never know if Floyd could win the Tour de France in a clean environment.”

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2 Comments on “Doping: Vaughters + Landis discuss drugs at Yale panel”

  1. 1 Doug M. said at 8:30 pm on March 1st, 2013:

    Here I thought I was sick of the topic, but these very bright and influential figures make for a great forum. Thanks for posting.

  2. 2 wafflesandsteel said at 2:33 pm on March 4th, 2013:

    I know exactly how you feel. But I always have time for Vaughters. I’m reading “The Secret Race” by Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle. Really enjoying it, learning a lot – though I thought I already knew everything I wanted to know.

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